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Annual Fund Donors

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Sr. Mary DeCarlo Guild


The Ordille Family
Matthew Desoto

Fr. Nicholas Rinaldi Guild


Patrick M. Powers and Bernadette Powers
Anthony A. DeMarco ’75
Hon. and Mrs. Michael A. Donio
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tidwell
Steve Trepiccione
Joseph Arena
Deborah and Michael Devlin
The Burke Family
Gabe and Gina Donio
Rachelle L. and Richard Lanza
Carr and Duff
Marjorie Pullia



Principal's Circle


Jack and Sandra Marinella
Judith Arena Pape ’76
Joe’73 and Rose Arena
Steven and Jeannine Mortelliti
Hugh and Jeanette (Macri) LaMonaca
John Scardino
Wayne Owsley


St. Joseph Ambassador


Donald F. Federico
Barbara Schanne Atkins ’71
Margaret F. Girardo
Robert Hyndman
John P. Salvo, M.D.
Vincent LaMonaca
John Francis Radetich
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Mauriello
Russell E. Montgomery ’63
Lou and Felina Crescenzo
Edward August Wuillermin
George Ordille
Knights of Columbus Assembly 680
Margaret F. Girardo
Vivianna Tedesco


Wildcat Friends

Gifts to $249

Patricia Augustine
Stephen and Mary Ann Macri ’63 Dougherty
Richard Grillo, Jr.
Denean A. Chiumento
Alfred Geissele
Steven S. and Tracey M. Latshaw
Carl and Dottie Mortellite
Joseph Pantalone
Kathleen Perone
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rahl
Frank J. Raso
Stephen J. Rundio III
Rene Scocca
Anita Esposito Varga
John and Joanne Wiessner
Maureen Dean and Family
James Amari
Samuel Curcio ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeFiore
Kathy Mascioli Farinaccio
Marie Cassiani Karolinksi
Vivian Tomasso Morrissey
Jaime and Maria Pluta
Carmela Santora
Joan Tollerud
John T. Baldi, Jr.
Philip Barbagallo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bartolone
Marion Condo
Frank A. Cucci
Neafa M. Curatola
Kathi Ewer
Bud Gazzara
Betty Toma Kobelo ’62
Kristina McGlinchey
Holly Hamilton Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Smeresky
Sr. Dorothy Toussaint
Rita Berenato Weeks
Atlantic City Career Academy
Barbara Kruger
Frances Mae Maxwell
Erma Tidwell
Gina Riese RN, BSN ’02
Barbara Rotellini
Robert Senese
William J. Bleiler, Jr.
John Giacoppo
David V. Calloway
Thomas DeFiore ’91
Joseph C. Garifo
Alfred Geissele
Michael S. Kelly
Steven S. and Tracey M. Latshaw
William Vokolos
James Amari
Tony and Barbara Celona
Teresa Julia Egan
Charles Nelson
Allison Nickels
Daniel and Catherine Pimental
Victoria A. Tauer
Guy and Megan Matro
Stephen and Mary AnnMacri ’63
V.H. Motto Contracting, Inc
Joseph C. Carifo
Michael S. Kelly
Michael T. Woelfel
Mary Ann Scott
Mary Gonnella
Allison Nickels


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