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NAACO Atlantic City Branch Scholarship awards $1,250 to a senior living in Atlantic City. Deadline 4-27-19.  See Ms. Fourney for the application.


Waterford Township Athletic Association awards $500 to a senior who has participated for 5 years in WTAA sponsored athletic program. Deadline 5-1-19. Apply online at


The Toni Donato-Bolis and Baby RJ Foundation awards up to $69,200 in scholarships to a senior that donates their time and resources to other families in need who suffer from tragic losses that parallel Toni and RJ’s needless loss of life.  Deadline 4-5-19. Apply online at


Waterford Township Woman’s Club Scholarship awards $500 to a female senior from Waterford Township with a 3.0 GPA or higher and community service. Deadline 4-30-19. See Ms. Fourney for the application.


Atlantic County International Association of Insurance Professionals awards $500 to a senior who lives in Atlantic, Cumberland, Salem or Cape May County. Deadline 4-28-19. See Ms. Fourney for the application.


Louis Bay 2nd Future Municipal Leaders Scholarship Competition awards $1,000 who resides in Hamilton Township. Deadline 3-11-19. See Ms. Fourney for the application.


Vineland Rotary 2019 Scholarship awards up to $2,500 in many scholarships to choose! Deadline 4-1-19. Apply online at


More Than Accountants Scholarship awards $1,500 with a 2.0 unweighted GPA or higher. Deadline 12-31-2019. Apply online at


Dan Ross Memorial Scholarship awards up to $15,000. in scholarships to a senior in Atlantic or Cape May County, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher and who has been recruited to play a sport at Division I, II or II College or University. Deadline 3-31-2019. See Ms. Fourney for the application.


UnderRecruited Prep Scholarship awards $2,000 to a top student athlete looking to play at the next level in college.  Apply online at


Console and Associates awards $1,000 to a senior pursuing a law degree in college and have an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher. Deadline 6-15-19. Apply online at


Foster and Adoptive Family Services awards a scholarship to any senior who has been under the care of Division of Child Protection & Permanency. Apply online at Deadline 3-1-19.


Lockheed Martin Scholarship awards $10,000 to a senior with a 3.5 unweighted GPA or higher, majoring in engineering or computer science.  Apply online at Deadline 3-12-19.


The Knights of Columbus Essay Scholarship awards 1st place winners $500, second place $200 and third place $100 to all seniors. See Ms. Fourney for the application. Deadline 4-5-19.


NJUA Excellence in Diversity Scholarship awards $1,500 to a senior attending college in New Jersey. Apply online at  Deadline 4-6-19


NJUA Trade and Vocational School Scholarship awards $1,500 to a senior who is pursuing a trade or vocational degree in a school in New Jersey. Apply online at Deadline 4-6-19. 


NAWC Scholarship awards $2,500 to a senior interested in the Water Utility Industry or and related field such as, natural resource management, environmental sciences, biology, chemistry, engineering, communication, computer science, business administration, human resources, consumer affairs, .aw accounting, finance, etc. Apply online at  Deadline 4-1-19. 


Atlantic County Woman’s Hall of Fame Scholarship awards $500 to a female senior from Atlantic County.  Deadline 2-28-19 See Ms. Fourney for the application.


Seton Hall Scholarships  awards up to $20,000.   Deadline 1-15-19. Apply online for special scholarships at


Gloucester Township Day Scholarship awards $1,000  to a senior who resides in Gloucester Township for at least 3 years, scored at least an 800 on SAT’s, ranks in top 50% of the class and has a 2.5 GPA or higher.  See Ms. Fourney for the application. Deadline 2-15-19.


Cooper Levenson Scholarship awards $2,500 to a senior with active involvement in community service.  See Ms. Fourney for the application. Deadline 5-5-19. 


Janet Logan Daily Foundation Scholarship awards $10,000 to a senior who has routinely demonstrates maturity and integrity with and beyond the classroom. Deadline 4-1 19. Apply online at   


The New Jersey State Elks Association Special Children’s Scholarship awards $1,000 to $2,500 to a senior with any mental or physical challenges. Deadline 4-19-19. See Ms. Fourney for the application. 


NJESA Scholarship awards $1,500 to $1,000 to sons and daughters of active-duty police and fire personnel. Deadline 3-1-19.  Apply online at


Seton Hall University 20 Different Scholarships! Find your scholarships today from $4,000 to $20,000 annually. Deadline 1-5-19. Apply online at http:/// 


Flavorful Futures Scholarship awards $5,000 to a senior that has a 2.5 unweighted GPA or higher . Deadline 2-15-19. Apply online at


The Kingdom of Lucerne Scholarship awards $500 to a senior that has a final grade of an A or B in History and English and completion of a original project. Deadline 3-1-19. Please see Ms. Fourney for the application.


GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship awards up to $40,000 to seniors who are leaders.  Deadline 1-4-19. Apply online at http:///


Fire Foundation Free Speech Essay Contest awards $10,000, $5,000 and $1,000 scholarships to a senior. Deadline 1-31-19. To enter visit


College Board Opportunity Scholarships


Seton Hall Sustainable Development Challenge for sophomores, juniors and seniors can win  over $50,0000. For more details go to


Oppu Achievers Scholarship awards $2,500 to a senior with at least a 3.0 GPA. Deadline 12-31-19. Apply online at http:///


Assumption College “Light the Way” Scholarship awards $2,500 a year scholarship to a catholic high school senior.  Deadline 12-15-2018. Are you helping people in need through community service? If so, apply online at


U.S. JCI Senate Scholarship awards $1,000 in grants to a  senior. Deadline 1-11-19.  Apply online at


John F. Kennedy Essay Contest awards from $100 to  $10.000 for the best profile in courage essay.  Deadline 1-18-19. For registration go to 


Fireside Essay Competition Scholarship awards $1000 to a students with the best essay titled “How is your religious education influencing your life? See Ms. Fourney for the application details. Deadline 12-7-18.


Boston University Trustee Scholarship Competition  Deadline 12-1-18. For more information and to apply go to


The Wendy’s Heisman Scholarship awards  from $500 to $5,000 in scholarships to the nations most accomplished scholar-athletes.  Deadline 10-17-18. Apply online at


The Horatio Alger Scholarship  awards from $6,000 to $25,000 to a senior  who demonstrates financial need ($55,000 or lower gross family income) at least a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale,  and is involved in extra-curricular and community service activities. Deadline 10-25-18. Apply online at

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